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Listed below are messages, written under the title of The Emperor's Opinion, all of which can be found on His Majesty's Myspace page, where they are first posted.  There is a delay between when they are posted on His Majesty's myspace page and when they are archived here.

The Emperors Opinion - April 28, 2008

Late last year President Bush signed an energy bill into law that forces car makers to increase fuel economy to 35 MPG by 2020.  While I'm glad to see the US government is at least trying to do something, it could do better.  Besides that fact that there are (as always) loopholes, it isn't very ambitious.  Europe's standard is 40 MPG, and is expected to go up to 49 MPG, while Japans is expected to go to 47 MPG by 2015.  Why is this great nation that was so long the technological and innovational leader falling behind?  We can do better, and we must if we want to remain economically sound.

To make things even more interesting, California tried to enact regulations designed to help speed up technological innovation in areas such as plug-in electric cars.  But the Bush EPA stepped in and said the state had overstepped its bounds.  Quite frankly I don't think Bush liked that someone was actually doing something and making him look bad.

The Emperors Opinion - April 25, 2008

I must admit that I have never been a big fan of politics.  Generally there is a lot of talking, a lot of PR where people go places and get seen doing something that look good, but in the end not much gets done.

Which leads to my recent proclamation disbanding the Republican and Democratic parties.  Granted, my illustrious predecessor already did it, but I think it needed repeated.  I don't think either side is really in good shape nor do I believe that they would really change much.  I have become rather pessimistic about someone who must spend so much time trying to get elected, and then in their first term spend a lot of time trying to make sure they get a second term.  Which is why I am monarchist and the self-proclaimed Emperor of this wonderful country.

Which is also why I think a third party is a good thing.  They have to work hard to get what they have, and even harder to keep it.  Just look at the Green Party.  They have spent a lot of time getting where they are today, and they spend a lot of time trying to stay there.  To make things even more interesting, they don't accept corporate donations and are a volunteer organization.  They stick to their beliefs and refuse to do what the two main parties do and have a paid staff (whose salary pretty much comes from some rich fat cats who think they should be able to have a say since they have given soo much money).  I actually commend the fact that all their money comes from their members, and that they are open and very democratic in their internal organization.

I also think that there comes a time when the forrest needs a fire to clean out the dead wood.  More importantly, I think the American political system has reached that time.  The Democrats and Republicans have had a very good run, but it is time that the dead wood gets burned away.

The Emperors Opinion - April 24, 2008

Unlike many Kings, Queens, and Emperors I come from the people.  This allows me to better understand how the people feel and what they need.  Also unlike other royalty, I'm not rich.  I work five days a week, pay bills, buy my own food, etc.  That also means I know far too well how bad gas prices are getting.  Quite frankly, they are rediculous.  It is at times like this I wish I had actual power and could order a freeze on gas prices, not just that but to lower them.  Since I cannot issue such an order, I do strongly suggest that the United States Government take steps to help make the situation better.  It should not take $50 or $60 dollars to fill up a tank of gas!

The Emperors Opinion - April 23, 2008

My illustrious predecessor ordered a Bible Convention to be held, in order to bring the light of truth and purity back into Christianity.  I believe he also wanted to bring Christians together.  At another point he ordered that the "Hebrew and Christian faiths" become united and that the foreign churches become "Americanized."  I think he understood quite clearly that the various faiths need to work together, and not attack one another.  He also understood that the various Christian denominations must work together for anything to be achieved.  Quite frankly, I agree with him.  By working together the various World Religions can bring peace to our war torn world, and help to create a better one.

There are times when I am tempted to follow his example and order unity.  But, I am not as optimistic as he was.  While I think a national church could be a good thing, Americans are not united when it comes to religion.  In fact, we can be quite divided.  My mind then considers an American Parliament of Religions as a place where the different faith traditions of our country can work together.  I see better hope in the second idea, and it is something that I am considering for the future.

The Emperors Opinion - August 28, 2007

After the storm that swept through the area around Knox and Warren county I have had another chance to see our local government at work.  I must that while I don't always agree with the decisions that they make, they acted with proper speed to clean up the area and help the power company in restoring power to those who lost it.

I would like to say thank you to all of those who worked so hard and long to clean up fallen trees and restore power.  You have all done a great job and deserve our gratitude.

The Emperors Opinion - August 20, 2007

I know many people who are against the war in Iraq, and I would agree with them on many points, however, I continue to support our troops.  I may not support the person who sent them there, but I will continue to support our brave fighting men and women.

The Emperors Opinion - August 15, 2007

It has come to my attention that in July of 1860 Emperor Norton I dissolved the United States of America and ordered that an absolutist monarchy be formed.  While I will admit that democracy has its faults, I do not believe we should simply abandon it.  It is with this in mind that I am considering making the USA a constitutional monarchy.  To me it has the best of both worlds, a democracy and an Emperor at its helm.  It would mean that I still need representatives of the States of the Union to meet, as well as representatives of the Federal Government.  Instead of simply considering changes to existing laws, we would instead be holding a constitutional convention.

An interesting thought, though, is that the proclamation states that all laws made after that date are null and have no effect.  History, though, has shown that the Federal Government of the time did not follow their Emperors orders.  I hope the modern government does not follow the previous example.

The Emperors Opinion - August 14, 2007

President Bush is currently asking Congress to pass a bill that will expand the governments ability to eavesdrop, without warrants, on American citizens who are communicating with foreigners (who don't need to be suspected terrorists).

I am rather worried about this, as the Government has proven in the past not to be able to control itself when it comes to using excess amounts of power.  Many powers were taken away, or regulated, when the Government was shown to be abusing them.  Now we are to believe that they won't do so again.